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Community Messages

Community Messages

Urgent Warning: Parvovirus

Parvo is going around many places including the Latrobe Valley.

Recently two dogs from Morwell (Vary St. and Beattie Cres.) are known to contracted the disease and sadly passed away.

Please ensure that your pet is vaccinated immediately.

Parvo may affect pets of all ages but is most common in unvaccinated dogs/cats less than one year of age.

It is important to note that many pets may not show every clinical sign, but vomiting and diarrhea are the most common and consistent signs, with vomiting usually first. Going off food has also been proven to be a tell-tale sign. If in doubt seek veterinary help without delay.

The disease can spread quickly.  It can be picked up from just walking your dog as it can survive for months on surfaces such as concrete.

Parvo Virus is a severe risk to the health of your pet. Please be vigilant.

For more information about Parvo refer to  What is Parvovirus? (Green Cross Vets) or Parvovirus (RSPCA).

Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs)

Warning from Animal Poisons Helpline. RATs contain the chemical Sodium Azide as a preservative. This is poisonous to dogs. If you suspect that a dog has ingested any part of such a test seek veterinary advice.

For more information refer to Covid-19 RATs and Your Pets.



Lexi with owner, Kylie, after winning at a recent club trial.
Lexi with owner, Kylie, after winning at a
recent club trial.


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