Gippsland Obedience Dog Club (GODC) 

Club Achievements

Congratulations to our members ffor a vast array of achievements. Photos, courtesy of club members except where indicated.

August 2018, Titles

Kerrie Piper & Sprocket
Title FS.N

   Sprocket with Kerrie.

Sprocket obtained his Freestyle Novice title (FS.N) in June.

Kerrie and Sprocket danced to Shake Your Groove Thing by Peaches and Herb. Sprocket had some very nice scores, all second places.

He'll be having a short break from trials while the team learn some new moves for the Intermediate class.

Maribeth & Hansel
Title TDX

   Hansel with Maribeth.

Hansel passed his Tracking Test 6 at Inverleigh, earning his TDX title.

Kerrie Piper & Solan
Title FS.Ch.

   Solan with Kerrie.

It took them a little while to work their way up through the levels, but just a few months to gather their seven passes for Freestyle Champion.

Their freestyle story has taken them on a very enjoyable musical journey with routines to:

  • Disney's Monster Mash
  • Things Can Only Get Better by D*Team
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Pat Benatar
  • Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams
  • Singing in the Rain by Adam Garcia
  • Let Me Entertain You by Robbie Williams
  • Magic Dance by David Bowie

Solan's last pass was a class winning performance.

Kerrie is so proud to partner this remarkable and adaptable dog.

Ed Smith & Jonno
Title TDX


Ed and Jonno gained their Tracking Dog Excellent Title at Inverleigh on Monday, 13 August with a grading of Excellent.

Jonno is absolutely loving Tracking.


  Herald Sun 15 August 2018

24 March, Graduation Day


 Koojo with Elise.

 Orie with Sharni.

eq 1. Elise Wedrowicz & Koojo
eq 1. Sharni Wright & Orie

2. Karen Roberts & Saki
eq 3. Jamie Moore & Zena
eq 3. Marcus Carte & Molly


 Milly with Allison.

1. Allison Heffernan & Milly

2. Amanda Cooke & Brix
3. Sharon Cross & Poppy

Pass - Lesley Meikle & Finn

Class One

 Scarlett and Maribeth.

1. Maribeth Murphy & Scarlett

2. Matthew Ball & Lexi (NQ)
3. Henniette Pol & Summer (NQ)

Class Two

 Roxi with

1. Julie Wilson & Roxi

2. Josh Webster & Max
3. Tracey Parr & Wally (NQ)

Class Three

 Cricket with Annie.

1. Annie Saul & Cricket

2. Alison Stopher & Blue (NQ)
3. Paula Bomers & Onyx (NQ)

Class Four

 Rocky with Julie.

1. Julie Fry & Rocky (NQ)

2. Karen Bradfor & Joey (NQ)
3. Mardi Donovan & Kataya (NQ)

July 2018, Titles

Maribeth & Gretel
Title T.CH.


Gretel passed her Tracking Test 8 at Broadford to gain her Tracking Champion Title.

Liza Powell & Cyndah
Title TS.CH

   Cyndah with Liza.

Cyndah gained Track and Search Champion at Tracking Club of Victoria. She had so much fun and just loves to get out and do her thing.

Three years ago she had aspergillosis so bad it ate into her smelling receptors and into her sinuses. It was a six hour operation with holes drilled in her head so for her to get so far in tracking has been amazing.

She’s a special girl.

Gail Smith & Gwen
Title TD

   Gwen with Gail.

Gail and Gwen obtained their Tracking Dog title at Coldstream with a grading of good.

Liza Powell & Lucah
Title RA


Lucah and Liza gained their RA title at the German Shepherd Club on 14 July with 96 points and second place

Pat Embelton & Zeke
Title TSD


On the 1 July, Pat and Zeke went to KCC Park where Zeke passed his Test 3 at the Tracking Club of Victoria Track and Search Trial to obtain his Track & Search Dog Title.

Lindy Gumpold & Hamish
Title TDX


Hamish and Lindy obtained their Track 6 pass in July on home soil at our Tracking Trial.

June 2018, Titles

Pat Embleton & Zeke
Title CCD


Pat and Zeke obtained their Community Companion Dog title with a first place and score of 95/100 at Bairnsdale on the long weekend in June.

Zeke has had a very successful year and it’s only half over, plenty more trials to go.

Ed Smith & Jonno
Title TD

   Jonno with Ed.

Ed and Jonno obtained their Tracking Dog title at the Working Dog trial with a grading of Excellent.

They also scooped the pool for the weekend best German Shepherd in trial.

Lindy Gumpold & Hunter
Title TSD


Tracking is all about the team work between the handler and the dog. Hunter has shown the determination to overcome amazing challenges in his tracking.

Julie Fry & Monty
Title JD


Monty and Julie obtained their Jumping Dog title at GODC on the 11 June with a first place. They also took out firsy place in Agility Novice – one more pass and they’ll have their Agility title as well.

They actually obtained three passes out of four rounds and this was the first time they obtained passes on their home ground.

Lorna Richardson & Whisky
Title CDX

   Whisky with Lorna.

Lorna and Whisky had a very fruitful Queens Birthday weekend – they travelled to three trials; Bairnsdale, Sale, and Morwell.

They secured three first places and obtained their Community Dog Excellent (Open Obedience title) on home turf at GODC on the Monday 11 June.

Maribeth Murphy & Scarlett
Title RN

   Scarlett with Maribeth.

The youngest member of the Murphy household made Maribeth very proud at Sale on the Long Weekend.

Scarlett gained three passes for the weekend and so obtained her Rally Novice Title.

Maribeth had a great weekend, obtaining another four passes with her other dogs

Gail Smith & Meg
Title RE

   Meg with Gail.

Gail and Meg had a fantastic long weekend.

Two passes in Bairnsdale, two passes in Sale and then they topped it off with another pass to gain their title in Rally Excellent at our grounds on the Monday.

Five passes in one weekend; a great effort.

Kaye Yarnold & Poppy
Title TS Ch.



Poppy gained her Track and Search Champion title with a Track On Test 8 at the TCV trial (KCC Park) on 29 June.

She had passed her Test 7 earlier in the afternoon with a lovely track under judge, Rob Tester who awarded her a grading of Very Good.

She tracked on under Judge Lynn Klecka to get her title with a remarkable track and another grading of Very Good.

She has been simply amazing in her tracking journey from her very first track at Broadford in July 2016.

Kaye is proud of her commitment and her happy little nature. She is a joy to work with.

Kerrie Piper & Sprocket
Title RN


Sprocket obtained his Rally Advanced title at Morwell on the Monday of the long weekend.

This young dog has tried a few disciplines and seems to like them all.

Mary Storie & Trilli
Title RN


Trilli (AKA Trillian) came to live Mary as a foster Seeing Eye Dog puppy at 11 weeks old. At about 15 months of age, Seeing Eye Dogs Australia (SEDA) decided to release her from their program as she has ongoing skin issues.

Mary decided to adopt her as naturally she had fallen in love with her by then.

She decided that we needed other goals to work towards if she wasn't going to be a Guide Dog, so we started training in obedience and entered our first Rally Novice Trial in May and then gained our title at the Bairnsdale trial in June.

As Trilli loves retrieving and swimming much more than obedience training, Mary plans to have a go at retrieving next.

Darren Stebbings & Utah
Title TD

   Utah with Darren.

Darren and Utah obtained their Tracking Dog title at Bendigo with a grading of Very Good.

Cheryl Shelton & Kimba
Title UD

   Kimba with Cheryl.

What a great achievement! Cheryl and Kimba obtained the much sought after Utility Dog title at Bairnsdale on the long weekend.

All that obedience training has paid off!

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