Gippsland Obedience Dog Club (GODC) 

Club Achievements

Congratulations to our members ffor a vast array of achievements. Photos, courtesy of club members except where indicated.

2017 Handlers of the Year

Tracking Handler of the Year
Pat Embleton

   Pat and Zeke.

7 passes, 3 titles, 18 points.

Congratulations Pat and Zeke.

October 2017, Titles

Ann Marriott & Linq
Title RO. Ch.


Linq gained her Rally-O Champion title on October 1 at Melton Dog Obedience Trial, finishing off with a nice score of 98/100.

This marked the end of a wonderful journey of 46 qualifications for this title. We have both loved the Rally Masters challenge and high standards required for the 17 Masters passes.

Linq has given me an awful lot of hard work, cheek, fun, ridiculous moves, laughter & pride during our trials.

I could not be more proud of her. This title makes Linq the first Gippsland dog to obtain dual performing ChampionTitles (Tracking & Rally-O) together with a performing Grand Champion Title (Track & Search Grand Champion).

Kaye Yarnold & Poppy
Title TSD

   Kaye with Poppy.

Just how much more can this little precious bundle of energy do for me?

On Sunday, 22 October, at the Bendigo Dog Obedience Club Open Track & Search trial, Poppy passed her Test 2 with a beautiful track, rating a Very Good under Judge Judy Pillinger.

We were lucky enough to get a “Track On” and she passed her Test 3 with a rating of Good to get her Track & Search Dog title under Judge Alyson Mills.

She did a lovely track, but believed the articles were just there for the fun of it. No indication needed, hence the grading of Good! But I was absolutely thrilled to bits with both her tracks and I am just so proud of this little gem and her work ethic.

She has achieved so much this year, despite her age, and is such a beautiful little girl to work with. She is now on “Christmas Holidays” until it all starts again next year!

Richard Shelton & Kimba
Title TS Grand Ch.


On Friday, 6 October at Ballarat’s TSD trial Kimba achieved her Grand Champion TSD title.

Then on the next weekend at the Central Highlands Working Gundog retrieving Trial at Pittong, Kimba and her other handler, Cheryl, came first in the restricted stake.

What a way to finish off the year. Congratulations Richard and Cheryl.

Craig Thompson & Ellie
Title TSD


Craig and Ellie obtained their Track & Search Dog title at Bendigo in October with a grading of Very Good.

Great work Craig.

Craig Thompson & Hunter
Title TS Grand Ch.


Craig and Hunter obtained their test 10 at Bendigo in October with a grading of Very Good. This gave them their Track & Search Grand Champion title.

What a way to finish off the year. Well done Craig.

21 October, Graduation Day


  Fiona and Cooper.

1. Fiona Kemsley with Cooper

2. Cheryl Carstein with Monty
3. Alison Farley with Mac

Any puppy 6 months or over goes up.

Those under 6 months spend a bit more time in puppies but can still take out a placing.


  Charlotte and Andy.

1. Charlotte Ryan with Andy

2. Tash Lata with Lacey
3. Lyn Bourke with Molly

Pass - Brittany Coulston McKie with Cinder
Pass -  Liza Powell with Lucah
Pass - Kevin Burr with Polly
Pass - Chantelle Donovan with Cash

Class One

  Sue and Hemmy.

1. Sue Darragh with Hemmy

2. Jan Gregg with Akela
3. Amanda Windahl with LulCu

Class Two

  Sarah and Coco.

1. Sarah Ward with Coco (NQ)

2. Mark Semfel with Kaia (NQ)
3. Leonie Barrett with Baxta (NQ)

Class Three


1. Jo Sharman with Bella

2. Julie Fry with Monty
3. Chris King with Nadal

Class Four

  Julie and Sieger.

1. Julie Angwin with Sieger (NQ)

2. Graeme Calway with Buddy (NQ)

Rally Novice

  Graeme and Buddy.

1. Graeme Calway with Buddy

Rally Advanced

  Julie and Sieger.

1. Julie Angwin with Sieger

2. Gail Smith with Meg
3. Julie Fry with Monty

September 2017, Titles

Liza Powell & Cyndah
Title RAE


Liza & Cyndah received their Rally Advanced Excellent title at Moorabbin on 27 August.

Great work Liza.

To obtain this title the team must obtain a minimum of 5 qualifying scores, in both Rally Advance B & Rally Excellent B classes at the same trial, of 80 points or more under at least 2 different judges.

Maribeth Murphy & Gretel
Title RAE


Maribeth & Gretel obtained their Rally Excellent Title at Northern Obedience Dog Club.

Maribeth and her dogs have had a very successful year. All that hard work is really paying off.

Well deserved.

Maribeth Murphy & Gretel
Title TDX

   Gretel with Maribeth.

Gretel got her Tracking Dog Excellent title at Ballarat on 11 September.

She achieved a rating of Good and a comment from the judge was that she was "fascinating to watch".

That's my girl!

Talia Duell & Henry
Title JC


Talia and Henry, along with Darren and Storm, are the first two handler/dog teams at GODC to obtain the title of Junior Courser.

This is the first step towards other Lure Coursing titles.

The title was obtained at Bendigo on 10 September. Henry has the right physical attributes and temperament to be successful at this sport. He loves the chase.

Darren Stebbings & Storm
Title JC

   Storm in "retrieval mode".

To qualify for titles in coursing dogs must first pass two qualifiers to gain their Junior Courser title. Then they are able to trial and gain more titles.

Storm loves the thrill of running down the prey.

Lindy Gumpold & Hunter
Title T.Ch.


Hunter (also known as Little Ferret) achieved his Tracking Champion title when he, once again, showed his determination and persistence, to find the track layer, to achieve a very good for his Track 8 at Haddon for the Ballarat ODC.

Every track Hunter has worked through, he has shown his honesty and commitment to the task. As a team we couldn’t have achieved the results that we have without the invaluable training and support from both Darren Stebbings and Talia Duell.

Renee Patten & Hype
Title PT


Renee and Hype obtained their Herding Pre-Trial title on 20 August.

They are now in the big league. Well done Renee.

August 2017, Titles

Kerrie Piper & Solan
Title FS.A

   Kerrie and Solan.

Solan and Kerrie finished their advanced freestyle title dancing to Singing in the Rain. The umbrella makes a great prop; many uses from a walking cane to a jump bar to retrieve an item and a few other uses.

Gail Smith & Meg
Title NRA

   Gail and Meg.

Gail and Meg obtained the Novice Retrieving Ability Test title at Gippsland on 6 August.

They blitzed the other competitors in the obedience section and Meg worked really well out in the field and in the water. A pleasure to watch.

Great work Gail; you should be proud.

Jessie Mongan & Molly
Title CCD

   Jessie with Molly.

Jess and Molly obtained their Community Companion Dog title at KCC Park. And followed up with a first place in Class 4 at our August 6 Graduation Day.

This is shaping up to be a great year for this duo.

Well done Jess.

Maribeth Murphy
& Hansel
Title TD


Very proud of my little man, Hansel for gaining his Tracking Dog title at TCV's trial.

Patricia Embleton & Zeke
Title T.Ch.


On August 12 at the TCV Tracking Trial at Inverleigh, Zeke passed his test 8 with a grading of very good to gain his Tracking Champion title, which now qualifies him as a Dual Ch.

Zeke has tackled every track with his usual 150% enthusiasm and sheer joy of the sport and I am still in awe of just how well he's done.

So very proud of my boy.

Jason Clark & Eli
Title ET

   Jason and Eli.

The Endurance Test trial was held in Sale by East Gippsland Dog Obedience Club on Sunday, August 13.

Eli was handled by Jason, and performed really well the entire time; he was actually still keen to do more.

Jessica Mongan & Molly
Title ET

   Jessica and Molly.

The Endurance Test trial was held in Sale by East Gippsland Dog Obedience Club on Sunday, 13 August.

Molly was handled by Jess and didn't fault for the entire test.

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