Gippsland Obedience Dog Club (GODC) 

Club Achievements

Congratulations to our members ffor a vast array of achievements. Photos, courtesy of club members except where indicated.

September 2017, Titles

Liza Powell & Cyndah
Title RAE


Liza & Cyndah received their Rally Advanced Excellent title at Moorabbin on 27 August.

Great work Liza.

To obtain this title the team must obtain a minimum of 5 qualifying scores, in both Rally Advance B & Rally Excellent B classes at the same trial, of 80 points or more under at least 2 different judges.

Maribeth Murphy & Gretel
Title RAE


Maribeth & Gretel obtained their Rally Excellent Title at Northern Obedience Dog Club.

Maribeth and her dogs have had a very successful year. All that hard work is really paying off.

Well deserved.

Maribeth Murphy & Gretel
Title TDX

   Gretel with Maribeth.

Gretel got her Tracking Dog Excellent title at Ballarat on 11 September.

She achieved a rating of Good and a comment from the judge was that she was "fascinating to watch".

That's my girl!

Talia Duell & Henry
Title JC


Talia and Henry, along with Darren and Storm, are the first two handler/dog teams at GODC to obtain the title of Junior Courser.

This is the first step towards other Lure Coursing titles.

The title was obtained at Bendigo on 10 September. Henry has the right physical attributes and temperament to be successful at this sport. He loves the chase.

Darren Stebbings & Storm
Title JC

   Storm in "retrieval mode".

To qualify for titles in coursing dogs must first pass two qualifiers to gain their Junior Courser title. Then they are able to trial and gain more titles.

Storm loves the thrill of running down the prey.

Lindy Gumpold & Hunter
Title T.Ch.


Hunter (also known as Little Ferret) achieved his Tracking Champion title when he, once again, showed his determination and persistence, to find the track layer, to achieve a very good for his Track 8 at Haddon for the Ballarat ODC.

Every track Hunter has worked through, he has shown his honesty and commitment to the task. As a team we couldn’t have achieved the results that we have without the invaluable training and support from both Darren Stebbings and Talia Duell.

Renee Patten & Hype
Title PT


Renee and Hype obtained their Herding Pre-Trial title on 20 August.

They are now in the big league. Well done Renee.

August 2017, Titles

Kerrie Piper & Solan
Title FS.A

   Kerrie and Solan.

Solan and Kerrie finished their advanced freestyle title dancing to Singing in the Rain. The umbrella makes a great prop; many uses from a walking cane to a jump bar to retrieve an item and a few other uses.

Gail Smith & Meg
Title NRA

   Gail and Meg.

Gail and Meg obtained the Novice Retrieving Ability Test title at Gippsland on 6 August.

They blitzed the other competitors in the obedience section and Meg worked really well out in the field and in the water. A pleasure to watch.

Great work Gail; you should be proud.

Jessie Mongan & Molly
Title CCD

   Jessie with Molly.

Jess and Molly obtained their Community Companion Dog title at KCC Park. And followed up with a first place in Class 4 at our August 6 Graduation Day.

This is shaping up to be a great year for this duo.

Well done Jess.

Maribeth Murphy
& Hansel
Title TD


Very proud of my little man, Hansel for gaining his Tracking Dog title at TCV's trial.

Patricia Embleton & Zeke
Title T.Ch.


On August 12 at the TCV Tracking Trial at Inverleigh, Zeke passed his test 8 with a grading of very good to gain his Tracking Champion title, which now qualifies him as a Dual Ch.

Zeke has tackled every track with his usual 150% enthusiasm and sheer joy of the sport and I am still in awe of just how well he's done.

So very proud of my boy.

Jason Clark & Eli
Title ET

   Jason and Eli.

The Endurance Test trial was held in Sale by East Gippsland Dog Obedience Club on Sunday, August 13.

Eli was handled by Jason, and performed really well the entire time; he was actually still keen to do more.

Jessica Mongan & Molly
Title ET

   Jessica and Molly.

The Endurance Test trial was held in Sale by East Gippsland Dog Obedience Club on Sunday, 13 August.

Molly was handled by Jess and didn't fault for the entire test.

12 August, Graduation Day


  Lucah and Liza.

  Pixi and Charlie.

1. Liza Powell & Lucah

2. Deborah Stewart & Zoe
3. Charlie Grimes & Pixi (Junior)



  Griffin and Jess.

1st Jess Mulry & Griffin

2. Lu Cornwell & Audax
3. Jan Gregg & Akela

Pass - Carol Johnson & Gracie
Pass - Jackie Riddell & Isabella
Pass - Megan Parker & Lola
Pass - Sarah Ward & Coco

Class One

  Coco and Sarah.

1. Sarah Ward & Coco

2. Annie Saul & Cricket
3. Donna Caneleo & Izzy
3. Nikita Cassidy & Lulu

Pass - Ruth Harvey & Azhura
Pass – Danni McKeon & Bee


Class Two

  Kataya and Jess.

1. Mardi Donovan & Kataya

2. Chrisser King & Nadal
3. Will Morrison & Murphy (NQ)

Class Three

  Sieger and Julie.

1. Julie Angwin & Sieger

2. Ann Rendell & Charlie
3. Val Massey & River (NQ)

Class Four

  Molly ans Jessica.

1. Jessica Mongan & Molly

2. Graeme Calway & Buddy (NQ)
3. Jessica Mongan & Watson (NQ)

July 2017, Titles

Kaye Yarnold & Poppy
Title T.Ch.

   Photo coutesy of Kaye Yarnold.

Poppy attained her Tracking Champion title at the Tracking Club of Victoria’s trial at Broadford on 8.7.17
She attained her Test 1, her very first pass, at the same trial last year.
This little girl has been an absolute gem to work with. Her enthusiasm has been remarkable and just keeps on amazing me. Her friendly, happy nature is just gorgeous to see and makes me so proud of her.
From the very first day she donned a tracking harness, she has been completely focussed on the task and never once let me down.
Her joy at finding the tracklayer (food or no food) is beautiful.
I’m sure that has been a bigger buzz for Poppy than the grilled sausage pieces!
She is my third tracking dog and she has just added to the wonderful passage they have taken me on. Thank you Poppy.

Lindy Gumpold & Hamish
Title TD


After watching anxiously from the sidelines in 2016, Hamish’s tracking trial season commenced in 2017. Hamish successfully gained his T.D. at Coldstream. Hamish thoroughly enjoys tracking, and his style can only be described as unique. Hamish’s style has even been described as nonchalant. A great effort from an independent dog.

Karen Bradford & Joey
Title TS Grand Champion

   Photo coutesy of Karen Bradford.

Karen & Joey obtained the much covetted Track & Search Dog Grand Champion title on the 30th June 2017 at the tracking Club of Victoria’s trial.

Nice work Karen.

Renee Patten & Hype
Title HT

   Photo courtesy of Rene Patten.

This was hype's 1st ever trail - he is 15 months old and a natural.
Renee has never trained or trialled in herding before so they are both learning together and they are both having a lot of fun

Craig Thomson & Hunter
Title TS Champion

   Photo courtesy of Craig Thompson.

"Hunter achieved his Track & Search Champion title at KCC park recently with a grading of excellent, I think it was his best track ever it was clear from the beginning that he was in great form and that gave me full confidence to trust him completely. The degree of difficulty that these dogs track under at this level is truly amazing and I am immensely proud of his performances".

Patricia Embleton & Zeke
Title TDX


Zeke got his TDX title at the Tracking Club of Vic Tracking Trial at Broadford on the 10th of July with a grading of Very Good. I'm so proud of how my boy is going with his tracking. He has such a love and enthusiasm for the sport and I just can't believe how well he's doing. We are both having the best time!

Craig Thompson & Ellie
Title T.Ch.

   Photo courtesy of Craig Thompson.

"Ellie gained her Tracking Champion title at our trial this month it was a bit of a struggle but to see her stick at it and work her way through gave me great satisfaction, considering the leg issues she endured in her first year there were many times I doubted we could accomplish something like this , she is always keen to work and a pleasure to train".

Richard Shelton & Sarbi
Title RATG

   Photo courtesy of Richard Shelton.

Sarbi & Richard have really enjoyed retrieving and obtained their title at the Gippsland Retrieving Club’s trial.

Maribeth Murphy & Gretel
Title TD

   Gretel with Maribeth.

Gretel passed her test 3 with a very good gaining her Tracking Dog title at Gippsland's tracking trial.
Well done Maribeth – you must be very pleased

Lindy Gumpold & Hunter
Title TDX

   Photo courtesy of Lindy Gumpold.

Hunter, sometimes referred to, by some, as the ‘little ferret’, obtained his T.D.X at Broadford, with an impressive track. Hunter’s single minded determination to find the tracklayer means that he always puts in 100% effort on all of his tracks.

Karen Bradford & Chiko
Title TD

   Photo courtesy of Karen Bradford.

Karen & Chiko obtained their Tracking Dog title at Gippsland Obedience Dog Club on the 15th July 2017. Great work Karen.

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