Gippsland Obedience Dog Club (GODC) 

Club Achievements

Congratulations to our members for a vast array of achievements. Photos, courtesy of club members.

June, Titles

Pat Embleton & Zeke
Title TS Ch.


Pat and Zeke travelled up to the Wodonga Kennel Club Track & Search Trial where Zeke passed his test 8 and got his T&S Champion title.

Pat is over the moon and so very, very proud of him and everything he’s achieving.

Maribeth Murphy & Gretel
Title TSDX

   Gretel with Maribeth.

Gretel got her Track and Search Dog Excellent Title at Wodonga on Saturday 1 June.

Maribeth Murphy & Scarlett
Title TD

   Scarlet with Maribeth.

Scarlett earned her Tracking Dog Title after getting her second pass at the GSDCV trial with a good and her third pass at Bendigo ODC trial with a very good on back to back weekends.

Kerrie Piper & Sprocket
Title RE

   Sprocket and Kerrie.

Kerrie and Sprocket obtained their fifth pass in Rally Excellent at our Trial in June with a first place and they took out the Highest Scoring Gippsland Memeber in that ring.

Kerrie Piper & Solan
Title CDX


Solan was awarded his Open obedience title at Gippsland's trial in June.

We don't do many trials, just two obedience weekends a year.

It took Solan three years to earn his title, but that's only six weekends so that's a great effort.

Kerrie Piper & Sprocket
Title HTM.I


The weekend after our June trial Sprocket and Kerrie went dancing. Sprocket and Kerrie finished their Intermediate Heelwork To Music title to Working Class Man.

Sprocket’s final pass was a class winning performance.

Gail Smith & Gwen
Title T.Ch.

  Gwen with Gail.

Gail and Gwen obtained their Tracking Champion title at the German Shepherd Dog Club trial at Haddon.

Little Gwen loves her tracking.

Craig Thompson
& Hunter
Title RA


Craig and Hunter obtained their Rally Advanced title at our club on the Monday of the Queen’s Birthday long weekend with a first place and a score of 92.

Pat Embleton & Zeke
Title CD


Zeke gained his final pass at the East Gippsland Trial on June 9 to get his CD title.


Pat Embleton & Zeke
Title RAE


Pat and Zeke followed up their success in Bairnsdale by getting their Rally Advanced Excellent title at our trial on the Monday 10 June.

Great result.

Lesley Meikle & Merlin
Title RN

   Merlin and Lesley.

Lesley and Merlin got four passes in Rally Novice over the Long Weekend obtaining their title at Sale with two passes on that day.

They then followed up with another pass at our trial.

Kate Mitchell & Lexie
Title CCD

   Lexie and Kate.

Kate and Lexie did really well at our trial on 10 June, with two passes in the Community Companion Dog discipline to receive their title, with great placings of second and first.

Renee Patten & Hype
Title RN

   Hype with his many ribbons.

Over the long weekend trials Hype and Renee got their Novice Rally title.

They entered six novice rally classes where they gained 6 passes, five first placings and a second place. Three times Hype got scores of 100 out of 100.

What an outstanding effort for a young dog.

Craig Thompson & Ellie
Title ET


Ellie obtained her Endurance Test Title at Churchill on 22 June.

Craig Thompson & Ellie
Title TS Ch.


Ellie has had a busy few weeks.

She reached her Track & Search Champion title at Ballarat with Very Good on the 27 April.

Then followed the title up with a grading of Good on her Track & Search Test 9 at KCC Park on June 28.

May, Titles

Maribeth Murphy & Hansel
Title T.Ch.

   Maribeth and Hansel

Hansel passed his Tracking Test 8 at the trial held by Knox ODC and was awarded his Tracking Champion Title.

Julie Angwin & Remi
Title RN and RA


Julie and Remi have done very well with their Rally trialling, having obtained their Novice and Advanced titles within a few weeks and with some great scores.

Lindy Gumpold & Hunter
Title TS Ch.


Hunter obtained his Track and Search Champion title at Bendigo on 4 May.

Leonie Barrett & Baxta
Title CCD


Baxta attained his Community Companion Dog (CCD) Title at KCC Park, on 26 May with a second place and a score of 93.

Ed Smith & Jonno
Title T Ch.

   Ed with Jonno.

Jonno gained his Tracking Champion title, combined with his confirmation as Champion.

He is now known as Dual Ch Bozeeb Whisky Bravo.

April, Titles

Lesley Meikle & Flynn
Title RN

   Flynn with awards.

Lesley and Flynn got their Rally Novice title at OTEC on 21 April with a score of 86.

Kaye Yarnold & Poppy
Title RN

   Poppy with her ribbbon.

Poppy attained her Rally Novice title on 21 April at the OTEC Double Rally Trial. It was her third pass, having received her first two passes at the Weimaraner Restricted to Group 3 Obedience and Rally Trial the week before.

“I was so happy with her three qualifying scores of 88/100, 93/100 (second place both times), and 91/100.

In Kaye's words: "She bounced around the course, her enthusiasm sometimes resulting in crooked sits, but what the heck, she loved it. I was pretty excited about her title and very, very proud of her. Well done Poppy!"

Julie Fry & Monty
Title RA

   Monty with his awards.

Monty obtained his Rally Advanced title at OTEC over the Easter break with a 2nd place and score of 93.

Excellent work.

Julie Fry & Rocky
Title CD

   Rocky shows off his awards.

Rocky obtained his obedience Companion Dog title at the OTEC trial with a great score of 180/200 and a 2nd place.

The Smiths & Jonno
Title TSD


Jonno had his first success in TSD tracking at Ballarat on 27 April.

He has been very busy over the last six months entering all-breed shows with following fantastic results:


  • sixth place Victorian German Shepherd
  • 16th overall in the German Shepherd Nationals
    officiated by a German judge

He has entered seven speciality shows and received six Excellent Medals. He is now the youngest Shepherd competing in Open.

Julie and Ed are very proud of him.

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