Gippsland Obedience Dog Club (GODC) 

Club Achievements

Congratulations to our members for a vast array of achievements. Photos, courtesy of club members except where indicated.

February, Titles

Maribeth Murphy & Scarlett
Title CCD


Scarlett got her CCD title at Bermagui with a score of 94/100. This is her second title, having gotten her rally novice last year.

She is also working on her first tracking title.

November 2018, Titles

Alison Heffernan
Junior Handler of the Year (2018)



Maribeth Murphy
Adult Handler of the Year (2018)



Kaye Yarnold
Tracking Handler of the Year (2018)

   Kaye with her dog, Poppy.

9 Passes, 4 Titles, and 25 Points.

Renee Patten & Hype
Title ADX


Hype & Renee got their excellent agility title on 4 November at Warrnambool.

That exact date one year ago was Hype’s first ever agility trial. Hype is now competing in masters and he’s only two and half years old.

Ruth Harvey & Azura
Title RN


Ruth and Azhura obtained their Rally Novice title at the GSDCV trial held at KCC Park in November 2018 with a first place.

Awesome effort Ruth.

Azhura is currently sitting on four titles; Heelwork to Music Starters (HTM.S); Dances with Dogs Freestyle Starters (DWDF.S); CCD; and RA. She has got one more pass for each of these disciplines to gain her next round of Titles.

May 2019 be a great year for you both.

Karen Bradord with Chiko and Joey
Title RN



Karen’s dogs, Chiko & Joey, obtained their Rally Novice titles at Bairnsdale in November 2018.

Karen is very proud of both her boys' work. They each came away with a score of 87.

Nice work Karen.

Gail Smith & Meg
Title RAE

   Gail with Meg.

Gail & Meg obtained their Rally Advanced Excellent title at our trial in November 2018.

They had a great day, receiving their title in the morning trial with two great scores of 96 and 92.

They competed again in the afternoon trial and took out our Highest Scoring Gippsland Member ribbon with scores of 99 and 100. You can’t do any better than that. Great work Gail.

Tresna Oakes & Remy
Title RA


Tresna and Remy obtained their Rally Advanced Title with a first place at Bairnsdale in November.

Two passes for the day.

Well done.

Pat Embleton & Zeke
Title RE


Pat and Zeke obtained their Rally Excellent title on home turf at our trial in November.

A perfect finish to the trialling year.

Renee Patten & Hype
Title SPX

   Hype in action.

Renee and Hype obtained their Excellent Strategic Pairs title at our club trial in November with a first placing.

Hype is loving trialling. Renee is very proud of just how far this young dog has come.

Elspeth Stevens & Tully
Title RN


Tully and Elspeth obtained the Rally Novice title at Croydon with a very respectful score of 93 points giving them second place.

Nice work Elspeth.

Pat Embleton & Zeke
Title TSDX


On 5 October Pat and Zeke travelled to Ballarat where Zeke passed his Track and Search Test 6 to gain his TSDX title.

This was their first night test and they both had a ball

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