Gippsland Obedience Dog Club (GODC) 

Club Achievements

Congratulations to our members for a vast array of achievements. Photos, courtesy of club members except where indicated.

November, Titles

Kaye Yarnold
Tracking Handler of the Year

   Kaye with her dog, Poppy.

9 Passes, 4 Titles, and 25 Points.

Pat Embleton & Zeke
Title TSDX


On 5 October Pat and Zeke travelled to Ballarat where Zeke passed his Track and Search Test 6 to gain his TSDX title.

This was their first night test and they both had a ball

27 October, Graduation Day


  Alistair with Chaos.

1. Alistair Steven and Chaos

eq 2.Tiffany Holcombe and Tilly
eq 2. Rachel Fkiaras and Max
eq 2. Lynne Bartlett and Fudge
3. Kiara Tapai and Jetta


  Kylie with Lexi.

1. Kylie McMahon and Lexi

2. Julie Johnston and Elliot
3. Linda Randall and Jasper Joe

Pass - Michelle Morrison and Jindi
Pass -Lynette Lay and Archie

Class One

  Kerrie with Sprocket.

1. Kerrie Piper and Sprocket

2. Tash Lata and Lacey
3. Kaye Yarnold and Poppy

Pass - Pauline Rowbury and Walker
Pass - Therese Corbett and Tully

Class Two

  Maribeth with Scarlett.

1. Maribeth Murphy and Scarlett

2. Josh Webster and Max
3. John Morrisey and Max

Class Three

  Leonie with Baxta.

1. Leonie Barrett and Baxta

2. Shelley Lee and Gypsie
3. Karen Bradford and Joey (NQ)

Class Four

 Julie with Rocky.

1. Julie Fry and Rocky

2. Pat Embleton and Zeke
3. Val Massey and River

September 2018, Titles

Kaye Yarnold & Poppy
Title TS Grand Champion


Poppy achieved her Track & Search Dog Grand Champion title at the German Shepherd Club of Victoria’s Open T&S trial on 15 September with a grading of Very Good.

This little blue dynamo has been such fun to work with, always wagging that little tail with joy. What else can I say but, “Thank you Poppy for being such a delight! I’ve loved every minute of our journey together.”

Maribeth & Gretel
Title TSD

   Gretel with her ribbon.

After getting her Tracking Champion earlier this year, Gretel has followed it up with a great start in Track and Search, obtaining her TSD title at the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria trial

Liza Powell & Cyndah
Title TS Grand Champion


Liza is very proud of Cyndah’s tracking achievements.

Her final two passes for the year were “Excellents”
What a way to finish off the year.

Gail Smith & Gwen
Title TDX

   Gwen with Gail.

Gail and Gwen have had seven passes this tracking season, which is a really nice manageable number, especially when you take into account the early starts and the frosty mornings.

Cheryl Shelton & Kimba
Title RRD



This year has been a great year for Cheryl and Kimba.

They have gained two great titles. First was their UD title in obedience at Bairnsdale in June. The second was their restricted title in retrieving in SA.

You have to have three first place finishes to get a title in retrieving, and up until this time they had a total of eight second places. Then they got first place at Pittong in Victoria in April. In late June they went across to SA and in their first trial at Woodchester they came first again. A fortnight later at Meningie they achieved their third first place and so achieving their title.

Great times have been had with Kimba she; is a great dog and she loves what she does.

Craig Thompson & Ellie
Title TSDX



Craig and Ellie have finished off another great year of tracking with their Track & Search Excellent title.

They obtained their sixth pass on home soil at GODC's Track and Search Trial on 31 August.

Michelle Morrison & Coby
Title RN


CobyDog ; what can I say. He came into my life as a three month old pup about, 12 weeks after I said goodbye to my gorgeous blue heeler boy, Bobby. Coby came from the Lost Dogs Home and was quite small when I looked at him. It was love at first sight!

He has been a challenge, very destructive but has the most beautiful soul I have ever had in a dog.

He is still training for agility but I decided to try him out in Rally obedience. He gained his Rally Novice title in November 2017.

We are trying to work off leash, but he now has really long legs, and mine are only short; he walks way ahead of me!

He is a lot of fun and I wouldn't be without him.

Julie Fry & Monty
Title AD

   Monty with her ribbons.

Monty and Julie gained their fifth pass in Agility at Moorabbin with a second place to obtain their Agility Dog title.

Monty has had a very successful year. He’s obtained two titles in agility.

Great work Julie.

Peter Keenan & Ruby
Title TD


Peter and Ruby made a late start to the year but have done really well.

They obtained their third pass at Ballarat with a grading of Very Good to land their Tracking Dog title.

Looks like we know what they’ll be doing next year.

Lindy Gumpold & Hunter
Title RN


Hunter and Lindy obtained their Track and Search Dog Excellent on the 15 September at the German Shepherd Dog Club.

Two titles in three and bit months not a bad effort at all.

Jo Sharman & Bella
Title RA


Jo and Bella obtained their Rally Advanced title at Gippsland in June.

Liza Powell & Lucah
Title RE


Lucah gained her RE title Sunday, 30 October at Melton with a first place.

She gained her initial ‘first place’ in RE at the state trials which automatically entered her in the run off with all the other winners.

All this at 17 months of age.

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