Gippsland Obedience Dog Club (GODC) 

Club Achievements

Congratulations to our members for a vast array of achievements. Photos, courtesy of club members.

April, Titles

Lesley Meikle & Flynn
Title RN

   Flynn with awards.

Lesley and Flynn got their Rally Novice title at OTEC on 21 April with a score of 86.

Kaye Yarnold & Poppy
Title RN

   Poppy with her ribbbon.

Poppy attained her Rally Novice title on 21 April at the OTEC Double Rally Trial. It was her third pass, having received her first two passes at the Weimaraner Restricted to Group 3 Obedience and Rally Trial the week before.

“I was so happy with her three qualifying scores of 88/100, 93/100 (second place both times), and 91/100.

In Kaye's words: "She bounced around the course, her enthusiasm sometimes resulting in crooked sits, but what the heck, she loved it. I was pretty excited about her title and very, very proud of her. Well done Poppy!"

Julie Fry & Monty
Title RA

   Monty with his awards.

Monty obtained his Rally Advanced title at OTEC over the Easter break with a 2nd place and score of 93.

Excellent work.

Julie Fry & Rocky
Title CD

   Rocky shows off his awards.

Rocky obtained his obedience Companion Dog title at the OTEC trial with a great score of 180/200 and a 2nd place.

The Smiths & Jonno
Title TSD


Jonno had his first success in TSD tracking at Ballarat on 27 April.

He has been very busy over the last six months entering all-breed shows with following fantastic results:


  • sixth place Victorian German Shepherd
  • 16th overall in the German Shepherd Nationals
    officiated by a German judge

He has entered seven speciality shows and received six Excellent Medals. He is now the youngest Shepherd competing in Open.

Julie and Ed are very proud of him.

March, Titles

Liza Powell & Lucah
Title RAE

   Liza with Lucah.

Title gained at Southern in November 2018 with great scores; three first places and one second in the last four trials with scores of 97, 98, 99 and a perfect score of 100.

Well done Liza nice work.

Liza Powell & Lucah
Title RM

   Lucah with a title ribbon.

Lucah and Lisa obtained their Rally Masters title at Southern ODC on Saturday 16 March.

Very impressive.

Julie Fry & Rocky
Title RA

   Rocky with his awards.

Who said starting your career late was a bad move?
Rocky has only been trialling for two years and will be celebrating his tenth birthday soon.

Rocky obtained this, his third title at Southern on 16 March with a first place.

Not bad for an older dog. He is now working towards getting his Novice Obedience title.

Ruth & Azhura
Title DWDF.S

   Azura and Ruth.

Azhura obtained her Dances With Dogs Freestyle Starter title on Sunday 24 March despite her enthusiasm, she barked too much in the morning trial.

Ruth came up with a new, on-the-spot routine for the afternoon, taking out a lot of the exciting moves so she was quieter. They passed by four points. They may have lost points for some barking still, and a much easier routine, but they got their title. Her three passes were 156.5, 168, and 124 (out of 180) earning two first placings and a fifth.

Music was Johnny Cash "Burning Ring of Fire" with Azhura and Ruth as the 'Man and Dog in Black'.

Ruth & Azhura
Title HTM.S

   Ruth with Azura.

Ruth and Azhura also gained their Heelwork To Music Starter title on Sunday 24 March. Great work Ruth.

Their routine consisted of two Heelwork positions; left heel and right heel, all in forward direction. They obtained four passes, even though only three are needed. Scores were 145.5, 152, 148, and 142 (out of 180) earning them two firts placings and two third placings.

Music was Johnny Cash "I Walk the Line". Ruth was dressed as the 'dumb cowboy' who toed the line, and Azhura the 'pretty lady' the cowboy was in love with!

Kerrie & Sprocket
Title HTM.N

   Kerrie and Sprocket.

Sprocket did it with ease. Four trials, four passes and the four highest scores in trial awards.

Kerrie was very pleased to say the least with Sprocket's performances and is looking forward to their next HTM trial.

Kerrie & Sprocket
Title PT


Sprocket is now on his way in herding having passed his Pretrial Test.

Sprocket and Kerrie managed to gather three sheep in a paddock, move them through the paddock between two sets of gates, hold them, turn them and move them back through the two paddock gates and pen them in a small yard to gain his PT pass.

They repeated the task on three different sheep to prove it wasn't a fluke and did such a great job second time round Sprocket was awarded the judges award for the day.

Liza Powell & Cyndah
Title UD

   Cyndah with her ribbons.

Cyndah was put back into work and two weeks later went to Bermagui and gained two first places.

Third and final pass gained six weeks later at Croydon on the weekend with third place and title.

A title Liza never thought possible after two spinal surgeries and a lot of rehab.

The Utility Dog title is very difficult to obtain and takes lots of commitment and dedication from the handler. Cyndah gained it quickly. That shows her love for the ring. She had an absolute ball and they had fun together.

23 March, Graduation Day


  Josephine with Toto.

1. Josephine Drescher with Toto
1. Chloe Gill with Hooch

2. Ann Rendell with Ham
3. Tenille Smith with Sam
3. Fiona Cuddy with Kiki

Pass - Bob Stevenson with Murphy
Pass - Teresa Bradley with Bella
Pass - Rachel Farley with Griffin
Pass - Samantha Buchan with Peaches
Pass - Brett Buchanan with Mischief


  Brooke and Murphy.

1. Brooke Sexton with Murphy

2. Wendy Mongan with Ruby
3. Monique Ypelaan with Macey
3. Rebecca Obersby with Nala

Pass -Irene O’Donnell with Cricket
Pass - Glenn Lindrea with Apollo
Pass - Rachael stewart with Ivy
Pass - Chris Lee with Kitty
Pass - Michelle Sebestyen with Coco
Pass - Shaun Sharrock with Jax
Pass - Adria Turner with Booker
Pass  -Sharnie Wright with Oreo

Class One

  Amanda with Brix.

1. Amanda Cooke with Brix

2. Christine Robertson with Baxter
3. Lesley Meikle with Finlay
3. Gillian Hall with Bodie
3. Alison Heffernan with Milly
3. Henriette Pol with Summer
3. Kylie McMahon with Lex
Pass - Pass Ron Gardiner with Bella
Pass - Sharon Cross with Poppy

Class Two

  Lucah with ribbon.

1. Liza Powell with Lucah

2. Mark Semfel with Kaia
3. Elspeth Stevens & Tully

Class Three

  Onyx in "retrieval mode".

1. Paula Bomers with Onyx NQ

2. Julie Wilson with Roxy (NQ)
3. Maribeth Murphy with Scarlett (NQ)

Class Four

  Ann with Charlie.

1. Ann Rendell with Charlie 

2. Leonie Barrett with Baxta (NQ)
3. Kate Mitchell with Lexie (NQ)



1. Kerrie Piper with Solan

2. Gail Smith and Meg (NQ)

February, Titles

Maribeth Murphy & Scarlett
Title CCD


Scarlett got her CCD title at Bermagui with a score of 94/100. This is her second title, having gotten her rally novice last year.

She is also working on her first tracking title.

Handlers of the Year, 2018

Alison Heffernan
Junior Handler of the Year (2018)


Maribeth Murphy
Adult Handler of the Year (2018)


Kaye Yarnold
Tracking Handler of the Year (2018)

   Kaye with her dog, Poppy.

9 Passes, 4 Titles, and 25 Points.

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