Gippsland Obedience Dog Club (GODC) 

Club Achievements

Congratulations to our members for a vast array of achievements.

Photos, courtesy of club members.

Special Mention

Poster for NSW Nationals
Poster for NSW Nationals

Renne Patten and Hype

Renee and Hype made the team to represent Victoria at the 2024 NSW Agility Nationals in July. 

March Titles

Arctic with Renee
Arctic with Renee

Renne Patten and Arctic
Title: JD

On Saturday, 16 March, competition took place at the K9 Agility club’s 20th anniversary trial with international judge, Mirja Lapanja.

Arctic received her Novice Jumping Dog despite having only just turned 2 years old.

23 March, Graduation Day

no photo


eq 1. Hayley Lewellin with Tilly
        Jo Warner with Lucy
        Abbey Warner with Ollie

2. Anne Burnside with Chilly
3. Cheryl Payne with Olly

no photo


1. Peter Cowton with Bella

eq 2. Natalie Nutt with Snags
        Eddie Wright with Sherlock
eq 3. Chloe Norris with Poppy
        Kerina White with Luka

   Franca DeAngelis with Max
   Shane Blackwell with Nina
   Kerina White with April
   Katherine Sultana with Archie
   Tricia Hicks with Teddy
   Sandi Koppen with Nala

no photo

Class One

1. Jessica Thomas with Zeke

2. Jessica Thomas with Phoenix
3. Ely Carrodus with Penny

   Emma McDonald with Kevin
  James Krstic with Frankie
  Eva Bantock with Charlie
  Alison Watson with Rupert

no photo

Class Two

eq 1. Neil Martin with Evie
        Natalie Nutt with Murphy

2. Heike McCallum with Bella
3. Gayle Halford with Ollie

   Will Morrison with Ruby

no photo

Class Three

1. Pamela Staff with Maggie

2. Sheryrn Linton with Harvey
3. Tracey Parr with Wally

no photo

Class Four

1. Paul Bur with Hunter (NQ)         

2. Paula Bomers with Onyx (NQ)
3. Keith Coverdale with Nellie (NQ)

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