Gippsland Obedience Dog Club (GODC) 

Club Achievements

Congratulations to our members ffor a vast array of achievements. Photos, courtesy of club members except where indicated.

April 2018, Titles

Liza Powell & Lucah
Title RN


Liza and Lucah obtained their Rally Novice title at the OTEC Open Rally Trial over Easter. They came second in the morning trial and second in the afternoon trial.

Lovely work; well done Liza.

Kerie Piper & Sprocket
Title HTM.S

   Kerrie with Sprocket.

Sprocket gained his first title in HTM on the same day as Solan obtained his HTM Champion title.

What a successful trial that was for Kerrie & her dogs.

Sprocket's Starters Heelwork to Music routine was to the Inspector Gadget Theme. His three passes were all first place, with two of those passes scoring so high he was awarded Best in Trial for HTM.

Kerri Piper & Solan
Title HTM Ch.

   Kerrie with Solan.

To become a champion in HTM you need to work through four levels, earning four titles (starters, novice, intermediate and advanced) and then embark on the hunt for the elusive champion points

HTM recognises 8 different heel positions which may be performed moving in any direction and at any speed.

A total of 7 passes of scores 160 or more (out of a maximum score of 180) is needed for a champion pass. Amongst these passes the team needs to have performed at least three different routines at champion level.

Solan's HTM Champion title came with back to back passes at a double trial. Both were class winning performances and his final pass was awarded Best in Trial.

24 March, Graduation Day



1 Maribeth Murphy with Scarlett

2 Jason Abernethy with Marley
3 Therese Corbett with Tully



1 Pauline Rowbury with Walker

2 Joss Webster with Max
3 Simon Goicoa with Cookie


Paul Bur with April
Christine Robinson with Baxter
Cheryl Carstien with Monty
Ron Gardiner with Bella
Shaun Sharrock with Maggie
Sophie Kennedy with D-Artagnan

Class One


1 Liza Powell with Lucah

2 Jess Mulry with Griffin (NQ)
3 Mary Storie with Trilli (NQ)

Class Two


1 Leonie Barret with Baxta

2 Leanne Quigley with Bentley
3 Kevin Bur with Polly

Pass Geraldine McClure with Max

Class Three


1 Pat Embelton with Zeke

2 Shelley Lee with Gypsy (NQ)
3 Julie Fry with Rocky (NQ)

Class Four


1 Ann Rendell with Charlie

2 Craig Thompson with Ellie
3 Susan Poole with Pippin

2017 Handlers of the Year

Adult Handler of the Year
Jessica Morgan

   Jessica with Molly.

Jess obtained three Graduate Day passes during 2017 with Molly, resulting in this award.

She also had a very successful year on the trialling front with five titles spread across three dogs.

Nice work Jess and well deserved.

Junior Handler of the Year
Charlotte Ryan

   Charlotte with Andy.

Charlotte and Andy are now training in Class One after two successful graduation day entries in 2017.

They were back at class hard at it on the first training day of 2018. I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of this duo.

Well done Charlotte.

Tracking Handler of the Year
Pat Embleton

   Pat and Zeke.

7 passes, 3 titles, 18 points.

Congratulations Pat and Zeke.

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